Multimedia Communicator / Visual Designer

Team Coordinator. Multimedia Developer: diagramming, graphics, video and 2D animation. Digital Developer: interactive design (HTML5), web design (WP)

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My name is María Restrepo G, I am a Multimedia Communication Specialist / Visual Designer Professional. I coordinate teams for the development of multimedia contents focused on education, brand and advertising. Also, I work as a developer freelancer, with fully knowledge on the creation of audiovisual, animation, editorial and interactive products. Design is part of every aspect of my life and can be applied to any activity on a daily basis.

My experience

What do I do?

Team coordination

More than 5 years leading multimedia teams focused on educational contents. Working on interdisciplinary groups are the key for successfully creating any design product.

Multimedia design and Development

Over twelve years developing interactive and multimedia products focused on educational contents. Creativity depends as much on imagination as on practicality.

Creative briefs and Communicative strategies

About twelve years participating and creating creative briefs, where innovation is the common action to improve on design and communicational products, that also have educational intention.


Led Projects for the public and private educational and commercial sector


Years of experience on creation and multimedia development


Digital tools for creation, edition and tracing.

Known my

Highlighted projects

Digital Presentation – MXO

Corporate Design


Editorial Design

Wildlife Conservation Society – WCS Colombia

Interactive DesignTeam Coordinator

BrandingWeb Design


Corporate Design






BrandingWeb Design

La Salle – University

Interactive DesignTeam Coordinator

Ediciones SM

Interactive DesignTeam Coordinator

Computadores Para Educar (CPE)

Interactive DesignTeam Coordinator


Team Coordinator


Interactive DesignTeam Coordinator

Birds of Colombia

Editorial Design

Coomeva – A4E

Interactive DesignTeam Coordinator

MEN / UNAL Colombia – CPA

Interactive Design


Interactive DesignTeam Coordinator